The Gender of Nouns in Spanish

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

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Learn the basic rules to recognize, categorize, and produce the gender of nouns in Spanish.

In Spanish, nouns have a gender and a number. That means they are feminine or masculine (gender) and singular or plural (number). 

Below you will find some gender formation rules for nouns to help you recognize, categorize, and produce gender accurately when speaking Spanish.

Male Nouns

In general, masculine nouns end in:

- o: el amigo - friend

      el perro - the dog

      el libro - the book

      el viento - the wind, 

- or: el calor - the heat

       el amor - the love

       el dolor - the pain

       el color - the color 

(there are exceptions as la flor - the flower).

- aje or - an: el viaje - trip.

                    el coraje - courage.