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Thanksgiving vocabulary in Spanish

By: Rafael Nuñez.

Even though Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin Americans countries, many Hispanic have adopted this holiday by mirroring the traditional meal with a Latin twist to it, adding some Latin American recipes to the mix.

Below you will find useful words and sentences to include Spanish to your thanksgiving celebration:

Holiday-Related Words

Día de acción de gracias - Thanksgiving. It could be translated literally as the “day of the act of thanks”.

Dar gracias - To give thanks

Otoño - Autumn/Fall. In Latin America, the only countries that have enjoyed this beautiful season are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the south of Brazil and the North of Mexico.

Día de fiesta or día festivo - Holiday

Noviembre - November.

El cuarto jueves de noviembre - the fourth Thursday of November.

Parientes - relatives.

La casa de los abuelos - Grandparents’ house. In Latin families, it is common to celebrate some holidays at grandparents’ house

Compartir or Reunirse - to share.

Desfile - parade.

Fútbol americano - football. South America and Caribbean Island do not play football on Thanksgiving, in fact, in those countries, football is not a popular game.

Celebrar - celebrate.

Bailar - to dance.

Beber - to drink

Cenar - to have dinner.

Cocinar - to cook.

La Cosecha - the harvest.

Agradecido (por) - thankful (for).

Food-Related Words

Arándano rojo - cranberry.

Batata or ñame - sweet potato. The word for "yam" is one of the few Spanish words to start with ñ.

El relleno - stuffing. While relleno would normally be used to refer to turkey stuffing, the same word can be used for just about any type of food filling. A stuffed chili, for example, is known as a chile relleno. 

Maíz - corn

Mantequilla - butter.

Panecillo - dinner roll. This word shows how diminutive suffixes are used. Pan is the word for bread, so even if you didn't know what panecillo means, you might guess that it is a small type of bread. 

Pavo - turkey. In Spanish, it is sometimes possible to distinguish between male and female animals by using the masculine and feminine forms of the word.

Pavo asado - roasted turkey

Pudín or budín - pudding

Puré de papa/patatas - mashed potato.

Salsa de la carne or jugo de la carne - gravy. The word salsa, it literally translates as sauce, in Spanish can refer to many other types of sauce as well.

Torta de calabaza - pumpkin pie

Untar - spread.

Vegetales or verduras - vegetables.

Sample sentences: 

Here are some sentences that link the words above: 

- Damos gracias por estos alimentos - we give thanks for this food.

- Me encanta Boston en el otoño - I love Boston in the fall

- Nosotros celebramos el Día de Acción de Gracias el cuarto jueves de noviembre - We celebrate Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November.

- Pasaré el Día de Acción de Gracias con mis parientes - I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with my relatives

- Este año a cena del Día de Acción de Gracias es en casa de mis abuelos - This year Thanksgiving dinner is at my grandparents’ house

- ¿Verás el desfile del Día de Acción de Gracias? - Are you watching the Thanksgiving parade?

- Hoy celebraremos el Día de Acción de Gracias - today we will celebrate Thanksgiving.

- Voy a cocinar un pavo - I am going to cook a turkey

- Estamos agradecidos por la cosecha de este año - We are thankful for the harvest of this year.

Finally, we are thankful for all of our students and all the readers of our posts. 

¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving!