Thanksgiving Vocabulary in Spanish

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

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Thanksgiving Vocabulary in Spanish

Even though Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin American countries, many Hispanic have adopted this holiday by mirroring the traditional meal with a Latin twist to it, adding some Latin American recipes to the mix.

Below you will find useful words and sentences to include Spanish in your Thanksgiving celebration:

Holiday-Related Words

Día de acción de gracias - Thanksgiving. It could be translated literally as the “day of the act of thanks”.

Dar gracias - To give thanks

Otoño - Autumn/Fall. In Latin America, the only countries that have enjoyed this beautiful season are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the south of Brazil, and the North of Mexico.

Día de fiesta or día festivo - Holiday

Noviembre - November.

El cuarto jueves de noviembre - the fourth Thursday of November.

Parientes - relatives.

La casa de los abuelos - Grandparents’ house. In Latino families, it is common to celebrate some holidays at grandparents’ house

Compartir or Reunirse - to share.

Desfile - parade.