What I Did to Master English GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Image by Freepik.

Put into practice this technique that has given me good results with my English learning pace

When learning any language the methods and techniques used in traditional courses can often be tedious and complicated.

To master the language we must create methods that help us learn in a pleasant and fun way. In my particular case, I have put into practice a technique that has given me excellent results and has accelerated my learning pace in the English language, but you can use it for learning Spanish as well. Next, I will explain what I have called ‘Oraciones con experiencias personales’ or Sentences with personal experiences.

"Build Sentences with words or phrases that are hard to remember."

What I do is build a sentence with words or phrases that are hard for me to remember (I recommend not using more than two words) and connect them to an experience and an important person in my life (can be your partner, any relative, or your pet). Making this meaningful connection will make it easy for you to remember any of those words.

For example, I will form a sentence using the words mostrar (to show) and no puedo evitar (I can’t help). For these words, I remembered my daughter’s drawing of our family when she was very young, this moment was very emotional for me so I use it to make the next sentence:

- El dibujo de mi hija muestra a nuestra familia y no puedo evitar llorar.

- My daughter’s drawing shows our family and I can’t help crying.

Now I will make another sentence with the words conocido/a (acquaintance) and cancelar (call off). For these words, I remembered something that happened a few years ago at my job, when a new employee canceled a meeting and one of my colleagues said:

- Un conocido canceló nuestra reunión.

- An acquaintance called off our meeting.