The Ultimate Guide to POR & PARA [Video Lesson + Quiz]

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Image by Freepik.

Master the Spanish prepositions POR and PARA with this guide.

The difference between these two prepositions is difficult to understand for Spanish students. Today we are going to study each use extensively.

You can also check the video lesson and practice with a quiz at the end of the post.

1. Reason or cause: POR.

It translates as “because of” or “for”.

  • Cerraron las escuelas por la nieve - The schools closed because of the snow.

  • Te felicito por el trabajo que hiciste - I congratulate you for the work you did.

2. Purpose: PARA.

It translates as “to” or “in order to”

  • Uso lentes para ver mejor. - I wear glasses to see better.

  • Prendí el fuego para calentar la casa. - I lit the fire to heat the house.

3. When talking about location

“Through” or “acr