9 Tips to Learn Spanish During Your Holiday Vacation

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Graphic designed by Freepik.

December is a month with plenty of holidays and free time. You might feel that it is time to rest from your Spanish study routine.

Don’t give up so fast! When it comes to languages, keeping a regular learning schedule is especially important. Here are some tips to keep up with your Spanish.

1. Use interactive material to keep practicing.

You can practice online with trivia, videos, and quizzes. Try completing the following New Way quizzes. With them, you can learn about Verbos Auxiliares; Pretérito perfecto; or how to use Los verbos llevar y traer. You can also review new material with these video lessons about Presente del indicativo or Verbos Auxiliares.

2. Test yourself.

On this website, called Woodward Spanish, you will find interactive games to test you with new vocabulary in a fun way. The games are divided by levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. You'll find Spanish vocabulary like the parts of the house, the months of the year, sports, parts of the body, professions, and more.

3. Try passive learning.