Learn Spanish With These 8 Spanish Podcasts

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The best 8 Podcast to Learn Spanish

Make learning Spanish an everyday routine. That way you will improve without even noticing it. A good way to train your ear and enhance your comprehension skills is by listening to a podcast in Spanish. The universe of podcasts is so vast that you can find one about anything you are interested in. 

In this article, we recommend a few of them. These podcasts are made by native speakers so, maybe sometimes you will notice that the speaking might be too fast for your language level. But, that’s part of the practice: you can stop the audio and hear the tricky part as many times as you need. They have different ranges of lengths, from two minutes to two hours. Short podcasts are great for beginners. 

Here are the ones we recommend:

1. Spanish podcast.


This podcast has a long list of short episodes from 10 to 40 minutes about different topics. They always add the transcription, so you can listen and read at the same time. The accent and vocabulary are from European Spanish. 

2. SpanishPodcas.net

Learn SpanishPodcast.net

Vanesa and Alex offer interesting episodes about Spanish culture, gastronomy, breaking news, and useful expressions. They also have free Spanish lessons, and tips & tricks to master the language.

3.Profe de ELE.


This is a good podcast that focuses on grammar and vocabulary for different levels. Besides the audio, you can also find exercises!

4. Notes in Spanish.

Notes in Spanish Podcast

The creators of this podcast are a Spanish woman (Marina Diez) and an English man (Ben Curtis). They talk about various topics but they always add some grammatical explanations, worksheets, and complementary material. 

5. Spanish Obsessed.

In this podcast, the couple Liz and Rob (Colombian and English) teach Spanish phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, and you can find different sections depending on your level of Spanish: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. 

6. Hoy Hablamos.

HoyHablamos_Spanish Podcast

With more than 700 episodes, this podcast is great to learn about culture, society, and politics from the Spanish-speaking world. It also has episodes about grammatical topics. 

7. Español con Juan.

Español con Juan - Spanish Podcast

In this podcast, Juan from 1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish shares real-life topics and anecdotes in Spanish. Each episode is dedicated to intermediate to advanced learners that want to improve their Spanish.

8. Spanishpod101.