7 Ways to Say Thank You in Spanish (+ Phrases To Say You're Welcome)

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Learn different ways to say thank you in Spanish.

Saying gracias is the easiest and most common way of expressing gratitude in Spanish and you can use it in any context or situation and when speaking with family, friends, or with people you just met. In this post, We’ll teach you 7 ways to say thank you + 8 expressions to say you’re welcome in Spanish so you can shine around your Spanish-speaking friends and family during this holiday season.

Say Thank you in Spanish

  1. Gracias. (Thank you).

  2. Muchas gracias. (Thank you very much).

  3. Estoy muy agradecido/a. (I’m very grateful).

  4. Lo aprecio mucho. (I really appreciate it). Aside from saying a literal “thank you,” you can also show your appreciation.

  5. Te lo agradezco. (I appreciate it). This is an indirect way of telling someone “thank you.” Whenever someone does any kind of favor to you, you may tell them “te lo agradezco” instead of “gracias” and it means the same thing.

  6. Gracias por todo. (Thanks for everything). A very good way to say thank you in Spanish If someone does a great favor to you.

  7. Mil gracias. (A thousand thanks). You may use this when you are really thankful for any kind of favor done to you that saved your life! You may thank a certain individual or group by saying “mil gracias.” You can also say Un millón de gracias (A million thanks).

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