3 TED TALKS in Spanish to Boost Your Listening Skills

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

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What I like the most about learning a new language is that you not only learn how to communicate with a big group of people but also about their cultures, places, and inevitably start seeing the world from a unique perspective. That is specifically why I like TED talks, I can practice my listening skills while learning about important topics explained by very interesting people.

In this article, I want to share with you 3 TED talks that I have enjoyed very much, first because of the interesting topics and second because it showed me how beautiful is the Spanish language, its different accents, and how much it changes within the country you are from.

1. El valor de nuestra diversidad interna.

The value of our internal diversity.

TED TALKS in Spanish to Boost Your Listening Skills

Rebeca Hwang was born in Korea, raised in Argentina, and educated in the United States. As someone who has lived changing identities, Hwang says that, although sometimes challenging, having a diverse identity is actually an advantage.

2. ¿Puede la cocina casera cambiar el mundo?

Can home cooking change the world?

TED TALKS in Spanish to Boost Your Listening Skills

When Gastón Acurio opened his Astrid & Gastón restaurant in 1994, no one suspected that he was going to take the Peruvian cuisine of his childhood to the level of haute cuisine.

3. ¿Por qué los periodistas tienen la obligación de desafiar el poder?

Why do journalists have the obligation of challenging power?

TED TALKS in Spanish to Boost Your Listening Skills

In this talk that earned him a standing ovation midway, Jorge Ramos explains why, in certain circumstances, journalists have to take sides.

Enjoy learning Spanish with these thoughtful talks and if is hard for you to get everything the first time, don’t worry, you can watch them all over again. Watching them with subtitles in English is not a bad start.

You can find more of these awesome talks here.

And, If you are ready to take your Spanish learning to the next level and achieve your fluency goal with a well-defined method, real-life scenario approach, and a guideline to succeed. Book a FREE Intro-Class with New Way to start learning Spanish the right way.

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