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3 language exchange apps that will help you improve your Spanish

Updated: Aug 24

By: Carla Bongiovanni. Online Spanish Tutor.

Starting and keeping a conversation going in Spanish might seem very challenging. Note that making mistakes will lead you to the right way to articulate your thoughts. 

Conversation in class might be a lot about the mistakes and the right way to say things. Besides, the way your teacher speaks and the texts you read in class are adapted to your level of language knowledge. So, how is possible for you to get to practice Spanish in a real context?

In this article, you will find apps that give you the possibility to practice your Spanish while meeting new people and helping them to learn English or any other language you speak. 

Do you want to try a language exchange with natives? Here are 3 of our favorites apps.

1. Hello Talk.

This app for exchanging languages has users from 160 countries. Once you download it, you have to create a profile in which you need to specify the language that you speak like a native, the languages you want to learn and the level you have. It has a chat feature by which you can have relaxed conversations in Spanish and English. Your conversation partner will correct the mistakes in every message you send and so will you. An interesting thing is that you can hear the pronunciation of any word you want with a simple click.

If you want to take your learning to the next level you can make free phone calls with your HelloTalk friends.

The last thing: The app has a kind of social network feed where everyone publishes their doubts for a native to answer.

2. Speaky.

Similar to HelloTalk, Speaky gives you the possibility to exchange languages by chat. It does not have the option to make phone calls but incorporates an audio feature, so that you can practice your pronunciation.

The special thing about Speaky is that, when you are creating your profile, you have to set a few preferences regarding your interests. Then, you will be able to see only the profiles that match your preferences. It’s a great way to make new friends!

3.Hi uTandem.

This app is based on geographical proximity, facilitates on-site exchanges between people that live in the same area. It has a chat feature in which you can communicate with your exchange partners.

A great thing about this app is that it has a directory with bars, cafes and different establishments that run activities related to language exchange. It also has a cultural leisure guide to your area, so that you can make interesting plans with your new friends while you practice.

The cons, this app is only available for Android devices.

Now, after all this information: what is your favorite app for exchanging languages? Are you ready to develop your Spanish skills by chatting with interesting new people? Do you prefer to learn in the comfort of your couch? Or do you want to go out and do cultural activities?

There is an option for everyone. I encourage you to try then and tell me about your own experiences in the comments!

Need some tips to improve your learning experience? here are 5 tips to improve the way you learn Spanish.

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