3 Apps to Boost your Spanish Right Away

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

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3 Language Exchange Apps to Boost your Spanish

Starting and keeping a conversation going in Spanish might seem very challenging. Note that making mistakes will lead you to the right way to articulate your thoughts. 

Conversation in class might be a lot about the mistakes and the right way to say things. Besides, the way your teacher speaks and the texts you read in class are adapted to your level of language knowledge. So, how is possible for you to get to practice Spanish in a real context?

In this article, you will find apps that give you the possibility to practice your Spanish while meeting new people and helping them to learn English or any other language you speak. 

Do you want to try a language exchange with natives? Here are 3 of our favorites apps.

1. Hello Talk.

Hello Talk. Apps to Learn Spanish with Natives

This app for exchanging languages has users from 160 countries. Once you download it, you have to create a profile in which you need to specify the language that you speak like a native, the languages you want to learn, and the level you have. It has a chat feature by which you can have relaxed conversations in Spanish and English. Your conversation partner will correct the mistakes in every message you send and so will you. An interesting thing is that you can hear the pronunciation of any word you want with a simple click.