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10 TV series you should watch to test your Spanish

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

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A lot has been said about the importance of consistency when learning a language.

You need to form a habit of studying each day, at least half an hour. That way, you will make progress and continue motivated. But, your daily study does not necessarily have to be grammar.

Here is a list of recommendations for tv or streaming series. With different Spanish accents, different lengths, and different genres for you to enjoy.

If you have time (45 minutes):

1. Monzón.

Argentina, 2019. Crime, based on real-life events.

Carlos Monzón, an Argentinian boxer, commits a gender crime. The series recounts his life and his judicial process.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 1 season, 13 episodes.

2. Los Simuladores.

Argentina, 2002 - 2003. Comedy, mystery.

Literally: “The Pretenders”. Four men solve different normal-people problems in simulating situations. Hard to explain in a summary, but this original script is very witty and fun.

Where can you find it: Youtube. 2 seasons, 28 episodes.

3. Historia de un clan.

Argentina, 2015. Crime, based on real-life events.

The Puccio’s, look like a normal family. But the father has a plan in his hands for which he needs the help of his family. Situated in the ‘80, it portrays the Argentinian society in the times of military dictatorship.

Where can you find it: Youtube.

4. La casa de las flores.

México, 2018. Comedy, drama.

An apparently perfect family has hidden problems.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 3 seasons, 33 episodes.

5. Gran hotel.

España, 2011. Drama, suspense.

Situated in 1905. Julio investigates the disappearance of his sister, while he works in the hotel where she was seen for the last time.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 3 seasons, 66 episodes.

6. Distrito Salvaje.

Colombia, 2018. Drama, action.

After the sign of a peace agreement, an ex-guerrilla moves from the forest to the city of Bogotá. He escapes from his pasts and tries to reintegrate into society.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 2 Seasons, 20 episodes.

If you don’t have much time (25 minutes):

7. Psiconautas.

Argentina, 2018. Comedy.

A Spanish scammer starts to lead a therapy group that generates more problems than it solves.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 2 seasons, 20 episodes.

8. Paquita Salas.

España, 2016. Comedy.

Paquita Salas is a talent agent. Very successful in the ’90s, she can’t adapt to the new procedures of show business.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 3 seasons, 16 episodes.

9. El Vecino.

España, 2019. Comedy.

A lazy and lier guy, Javier, suddenly gets superpowers. With the help of his neighbor, he needs to learn how to manage his powers and his new identity.

Where can you find it: Netflix. 1 season, 10 episodes.

10. Psicosomática.

Argentina, 2018. Comedy. (Only 10 minutes per episode).

Maia, who nearly graduated from architecture, experiments the worst crisis in her life. Her fears emerge in an odd and fantastic manner.

Where can you find it: YouTube.

If you prefer a short version to start you can check these 3 TED talks to practice your listening skills in Spanish, or you can also try longer versions like these 5 movies and documentaries you can also find on Netflix.

Have you watched any of the series above or at least an episode? or Do you have a favorite series in Spanish that isn’t listed above? Share it in the comments and let us know why do you like it. If you are ready to take your Spanish learning to the next level and achieve your fluency goal with a well-defined method, real-life scenario approach, and a guideline to succeed. Book a FREE Intro-Class with New Way to start learning Spanish the right way. See you in classes!



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