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Our Spanish course is designed to not only teach the grammar structure and pronunciation of the language but also to put them into practice interactively and consistently. We make sure you strengthen your speaking, writing, and listening skills in each of our classes, meetings, and learning activities.

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A personal approach to learning is what makes our course effective.

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Customized experience

A personal approach to learning is what makes our course effective. Our expert tutors will lead the lesson and guide you step by step towards the goals for your level and truly master the language effectively.

Blended learning 

As learning a new language requires practice every day, we would create learning content (videos, articles, audio exercises, and more) for each level on a weekly basis. One of the many advantages of blended learning is that it covers all learning styles.

Charlas New Way (Talks in Spanish)

We host a Zoom meeting for all of our students to participate once or twice a month, each of them with a different theme (Trivia, grammar, pronunciation, food, Q&A, culture, and traditions, traveling, etc). Its main goal is to put into practice what you’ve learned in a different scenario from your regular class.

Strengthen all skills in each of our classes


Learn useful vocabulary

Build a rich vocabulary in Spanish to communicate in a more engaging way. 

Conquer all grammar rules

Focus on the concepts to make sentences from informal to professional communication. 

Master the pronunciation

Practice your pronunciation and develop an accent that’ll impress even native speakers.

What Our Students Say

"I am very happy that I chose New Way to learn and expand my Spanish.

The classes are well organized, I enjoy the teachings and homework very much. I also feel there is a lot of added value besides the classes in the form of a newsletter and conversational classes so you can practice more.

Definitely, recommend!"


Gil K. Boston, MA.

Students Taking Note

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