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Small Groups

Small groups at New Way are always organized to be at the same knowledge level, which means you get to grow your knowledge together.

We build these learning groups and put together friendly gatherings because you need an opportunity to use what you’ve learned! Our exciting, engaging gatherings reinforce and expand your ability to use Spanish, making you more confident the next time you need to speak the language. We can even bring our group classes into your company and strengthen your entire corporate team. Many people find that small groups boost their strength as speakers exponentially, so don’t miss out!

We are here to add value to your life as a Spanish language student.

We’ll track your individual progress, create positive experiences, and accommodate your schedule for continuous learning. We keep prices affordable and provide all materials so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Whether you’re learning Spanish in order to speak to your neighbors or travel the world, we are here to help. 

I am very happy that I chose New Way to learn an expand my Spanish. The classes are well organized, I enjoy the teachings and homework very much. I also feel there is a lot of added value besides the classes in the form of a newsletter and conversational classes so you can practice more. Definitely, recommend!

Gil K. Boston, MA.

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At New Way, we are dedicated to providing a personalized, effective and immersive method of teaching. To keep our students engaged and motivated is our number one goal!

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