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Free Intro-Class to our Spanish Learning Program 

In this 30-min class led by an expert tutor, you will:

Learn how our classes and schedules work.

Know your level of the language (accurately).

Create a study plan that adapts to your goals.

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30-min Kick-Off to our course

This class would be led by one of our Spanish tutors.


The main goal is to show you how our classes are structured and taught. Also, determining your level of proficiency would allow us to place you at the appropriate level of our program.

All learning material (PDF, DOCS, AUDIOS & VIDEOS) used in this class would be available to download.


Lastly, the leading tutor will add our Director to the call and discuss our schedule and availability. We would have several options that you can easily fit into your calendar.


Don’t forget to be prepared with a good internet connection, laptop with a camera, and high-quality audio.

Learn Spanish free class- learning mater

Contact us if you have more questions.



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