Conversational Classes

We’re passionate about paving the way for you to gain the fluency you need.

Whether you want to travel, to make a bigger impact on your community, or add a new skill to your resume, our combination of one-on-one learning, internet resources, and conversational classes will have you communicating in Spanish in no time.

Conversation classes are one of the most powerful and fun parts of our adult learning program.

These classes create a friendly, safe environment where you can speak with fellow students and start to build your confidence and fluency. We understand that speaking a new language can be intimidating and even frustrating, and by giving you a welcoming, accepting setting to practice, we prepare you to communicate with complete confidence later on. Whether you’re eager or nervous to practice, you’ll leave these casual, fun gatherings feeling inspired and excited!

The most important part of any education is the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. In fact, it’s next to impossible to build practical language skills without it. That is why conversational classes are a key part of our adult learning curriculum. 

At New Way, we are dedicated to providing a personalized, effective and immersive method of teaching. To keep our students engaged and motivated is our number one goal!

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