Our Story

The story of the most complete and effective Spanish course out there started with our founder Alejandro’s ESL learning experience in his home country Venezuela. A journey that led him to start helping others with their language learning goal, becoming his full-time job.   


After moving to Boston, MA he evolved from creating his first Spanish lesson plan to establishing a complete curriculum that involves various learning styles with the creative approach of our co-founder Roxana.


Now, with more than 300 students tutored and counting, our founders and Profes de Español have continued to make New Way a place where all students can not only become fluent in Spanish but acquire life-long skills on how to approach a new learning challenge successfully.

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Our mission is to create an environment that motivates our students to enjoy learning effectively, with both structured and real-life scenario approaches.

Meet our team

We all share the vision of uniting people through language learning and cultural exchange. We work hard to help you reach your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.

Alejandro Nuñez

Founder & Director

Alejandro has been part of the language learning world for more than a decade. He founded this awesome language school in 2016 and has been invested in the ongoing improvement of our methodology and students’ experience. If you meet him, you can chat about history, philosophy, music, and of course learning a new language.

Roxana Castillo

Founding Partner & Creative Director

Our creative director is a lifelong learner. She relates very well to our students due to her own experience learning a second language as an adult. Her creativity, attention to detail, and vision give a unique identity to our school and brand.   

Carla Bongiovanni

Profe de Español

Teaching Spanish for 4+ years and being a student of different languages (Portuguese, English, and Italian), has given me valuable insights into the process of learning a new language. I focus on the interests, difficulties, and needs of all the students.

Catherine Gonzalez

Profe de Español & Content Marketer

Catherine is a language enthusiast. She has learned English, French, and Mandarin, making her a great teacher. She has taught both adults and kids. She currently lives in Chile and loves reading historical novels.

Josefina Martinen

Profe de Español

Josefina was born in Paris and moved to Argentina with her family when she was 9 yo. She teaches Spanish and French as a second language. She’s been part of our team since September 2019, her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism have made our classes valuable and effective.

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