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Experience a world of opportunities

Personalized, effective and immersive method of teaching.

Our students engage in Spanish learning acquiring a cultural awareness that allows them to achieve language proficiency.

Our Mission

Allow our students to experience the acquisition of a language effectively, creating opportunities for them to grow in their professions and their lives.

"What I like the most is the structure of the classes. I learn new things in every class but also reviewing what we did in the previous class. Making sure I learn conversation based on my day to day as I need it for work."

Neide D. Framingham, MA.

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Our Vision

Originate cultural awareness in people through our language teaching method and become an important part of the unity of different cultures expanding our company around the world.

Our Tutors

Alejandro Nuñez

Founder & CEO

The experience of language teaching has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people. I continue very much invested in this wonderful ongoing journey of teaching Spanish through an effective, immersive, and well-defined method.

Carla Bongiovanni

Online Spanish Tutor

Teaching Spanish for 4+ years and being a student of different languages (Portuguese, English, and Italian), has given me valuable insights into the process of learning a new language. I focus on the interests, difficulties, and needs of all the students.


At New Way, we are dedicated to providing a personalized, effective and immersive method of teaching. To keep our students engaged and motivated is our number one goal!

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